The Creator of Bounce Dancefit, Franco Conquista visited us recently

We had a fantastic day on Sunday 11th September with Franco Conquista.  He is the Creator and Owner of Dance Fitness Brand Bounce Dancefit.  This fitness class covers genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, Commercial, Whacking, Vogue as well many other styles of dance. The music used is fresh, current and very “down with the kids”!!!!!…….

Franco, as a presenter was flirtatious, stylistic, full of sass, attitude and a diva quality that only he could get away with (oh and maybe Mariah Carey!).  Our customers absolutely threw themselves into the Music Video feel of it all and had an absolutely amazing time shaking what their mamas gave them 🙂

Franco also held an official Bounce Junior Dancefit training session in our Studio on Sunday.  The first batch of Junior teachers in Ireland were trained hard; they danced until their legs wanted to fall off but they were still smiling at the end and they cannot wait to bring this new class to you.

Fusion Fitness will be adding Bounce Junior Dancefit to our timetable.  Keep an eye out for further information.  Bounce-Landscape-Logo2

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